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The Anniversary of losing Imam Jawaad

The last day of the lunar month of Dhyl-Qa'dah is believed to be the day the ninth infallible successor of the last holy Prophet was martyred. Imam Jawad, Mohammad son of Imam Reza(PBUT), was poisoned by Mo'tasem, the Abbaasy ruler of that time. Imam Javad (PBUH)was only 25 years old when he was martyred in Baghdad. Since the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH&HP)had repeatedly mentioned that 11th descendant of Ali and Fatima (PBUT)would be the promised Mahdy who would stand against all oppressors and uphold justice, the tyrants of Abbaasy dynasty were becoming more and more nervous as time passed. Therefore, the ninth, tenth, and eleventh infallible Imams were all martyred in their young ages so that the Prophet Mohammad's progeny may be stopped. But that which their dark minds could not comprehend was that no one can stand against God's will!

In this sad occasion, we wish all of us the wisdom and insight necessary to remain firm in our beliefs and to anticipate the promised reliefs(also see article((divine Relief))in the site).