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Hajj of 1436

Hajj of 1436


… Some day or night , in one of these same seemingly wandering days or nights … he, who shall spread Divine Justice, shall finally come …


… Until then, by human choice,  human injustice prevails in more and more aspects of human life … in his beliefs concerning God and His appointed representatives … in his presentation of events … in his narration of history … in his leadership … in his financial, political and … conducts … in his choice of values, and  …


… Many skilful lies … and the claim that nothing but the truth has been presented …


… In the midst of all this, let us not forget two vital points:


1)      During Occultation, when entangled by disasters, there is only one Redressor through whom help and relief occur … so let us, moment by moment, appeal to him earnestly … we cordially invite friends to read: “The sole Redressor”


2)      No seemingly human so called justice can truly solve all aspects of human problems, spiritual and material …, … so let us never ever forget to, with all our hearts and souls, implore Allah to hasten Mahdi (SBUH)’s Appearance … we cordially invite friends to read “Justice-oid!”