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Mourning … Part 9


Mourning …

Part 9


Sorrow and tears of Infallible Ones (SBUT) for sufferings of Imam Hosain (SBUH)


All the Infallible Ones, from the Prophet Mohammad to Hadrat Mahdi (SBUT) have wept for the sufferings of Imam Hosain (SBUH) so much so that seeing his beloved face, hearing his celestial name or observing any reminder of his sufferings have caused their tears to stream down their faces and they have referred to Imam Hosain (SBUH)’s sufferings as the gravest and heaviest sufferings of the AhlulBayt (SBUT). The following are a few sample Hadiths among many:


Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) on Imam Hosain’s (SBUH) birth, after reciting the Adhan in his right ear and Iqama in his left ear, seated the child on his laps and wept. (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 18, p. 125; vol. 43, p. 238; vol. 44, pp. 250, 251; …)


Another time, among so many sad times, that Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) wept wholeheartedly was when the angel Jebra’il brought some red soil for him (SAWA) and told the Rasool of Allah that Hosain (SBUT) would be martyred in that land, Jebra’il then consoled the Prophet (SAWA) by telling him that Allah (SWT) would indeed avenge him by the Qaa’em of them the AhlulBayt (SBUT). (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 36, p. 349; al-Da’wa al-Hosainiya, p. 96; …)


In a lengthy Hadith it is stated that the Prophet (SAWA) said that it was as if he (SAWA) was seeing Imam Hosain (SBUH), the location of his martyrdom and the place of his burial in that land, and he (SAWA) was seeing his women and children captured and placed on camels; he (SAWA) continued that he was seeing the head of his son Hosain (SBUH) taken to Yazid (La’n of Allah be upon him). The Prophet (SAWA) then swore by Allah that there would be no one becoming happy from looking at the head of Hosain (SBUH) unless Allah would cause disagreement between his heart and his tongue, and would inflict upon him a painful torment …


In yet another occasion the Prophet (SAWA) placed his right hand on Imam Hasan (SBUH) and his left hand on Imam Hosain (SBUH) and addressed Allah as his Lord and asserted that he (SAWA) was indeed Allah’s Slave and Rasool, and that the two of them (SBUT) were the best ‘Etrat (offspring, …), the most excellent root and the most virtuous children, and that they (SBUT) were whom he (SAWA) was leaving in his Ummah (Nation, …); he (SAWA) continued that Jebra’il had informed him that his son Imam Hasan (SBUH) would be killed by poison and that his other son Imam Hosain (SBUH) would be martyred and submerged in his blood! The Prophet (SAWA) then implored Allah to make his martyrdom blessing for him, and to make him of the lords of martyrs, and to exclude this act of his killers and anyone forsaking him from any blessing, and to afflict them with Fire, and resurrect them in the lowest levels of Hell. People started to cry … and the Prophet (SAWA) told them: O People! Are you crying for him while you will not be helping him?!!!


Then Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) implored Allah to be Imam Hosain’s (SBUH) Wali and Helper. The Prophet (SAWA) continued and told his people that he (SAWA) was leaving two precious and momentous things for them, the Book of Allah, the Karim Qur’an, and his ‘Etrat, his core, the fruit of his heart, the spirit of his heart, which would never be separated from one another until they would enter unto him by the Pool of Kawthar. The Prophet (SAWA) then asserted that he did not want any thing from the people in that regard unless what Allah had wished him to want from them, he (SAWA) said that he wanted the people’s Mawaddah (loving and following) of “Al-Qorba, The Close Kin” (The AhlulBayt) (Qur’an 42:23).


Then the Prophet warned them not to enter unto him on Qiyamat by the Pool of Kawthar while they have harmed his ‘Etrat, oppressed and killed his AhlulBayt! (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 44, p. 248; …)


Next we are going to relate a story narrated by Omme Salamah, one of the Prophet’s wives, which exists both in Shi’ah and sunni documents such as in the sunni Mosnad ibn Hanbal, sunni Sawaa’eq al-Mohreqah, sunni Sonan Termadhi and …; it is noteworthy to mention that a reason why we some times present sunni documents is the fact that many times the sunni so called scholars conceal such Hadiths which confirm the beliefs of the Shi’ah and thus the unknowing sunni followers have some times been unaware of such documents within sunni books:


Umme Salamah has narrated that one day the Prophet (SAWA) gave her a glass container in it was some red soil and told her that the soil was from the land where Hosain (SBUH) would be martyred; the Prophet (SAWA) also informed her that whenever she saw the red soil turned into blood she should know that Hosain (SBUH) had been martyred … She said that years after the Prophet (SAWA) in the afternoon of the 10th of Moharram she was asleep and saw the Prophet in her sleep while he was dusty and worried; he was holding a glass container full of blood. The Prophet (SAWA) told her that the blood was the blood of Hosain (SBUH) and his companions which he (SAWA) had been gathering since that morning.


Umme Salama woke up and hastily went and got the glass containing the soil of Karbala and she found it filled with blood; she started to weep wholeheartedly and called her family and they all mourned for Hosain (SBUH).


Hadrat ‘Ali and Hadrat Fatimah Zahra (SBUT) on the day Hosain (SBUH) was born … and whenever the Prophet (SAWA) talked about his martyrdom … and any time they remembered the sufferings of their beloved son wept …


Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH) when returning from the battle of Seffein reached the land of Karbala and he (SBUH) started to cry so much that the narrator has said that his tears were streaming on his chest. The narrator has said that Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) told them about the martyrdom of Hosain (SBUH) and showed them the place of his martyrdom, and they all started to cry. (Shi’ah documents: Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 44, p. 252; …; sunni documents: Kanz al-‘Ummaal, vol. 7, p. 106; …)


In the battle of Seffein when Imam Hosain (SBUH) opened the pathway of water and saved Muslims from thirst, Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH) cried and told them about what was going to happen in Karbala and about Imam Hosain’s (SBUH) horse. (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 44, p. 266; …)


It has been narrated that when the Prophet (SAWA) told Hadrat Fatimah (SBUH) about sufferings and martyrdom of Imam Hosain (SBUH) she cried very very hard. Then the Lady asked about the time of the event and the Prophet (SAWA) informed her that it would happen when she and Hadrat ‘Ali and the Prophet (SBUT) would no longer be living. Hearing this she cried even harder and asked her father who would then cry and mourn for her beloved son?!


Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) responded that the women and men of his Ummah would cry for the women and men of his AhlulBayt (SBUT) and that every year, one group after the other, would renew the matter of mourning.


The Prophet (SAWA) then asserted that on Qiyaamat Hadrat Fatimah (SBUH) would intercede for the women of the Ummah and the Prophet (SAWA) for the men; the Prophet (SAWA) continued that any one crying for sufferings of Hosain (SBUH) they (SBUT) would take their hands, and that all eyes would be tearful on the Day of Qiyaamat except the eyes which had cried for the sufferings of Hosain (SBUH) , and that they shall be laughing and would be given the good news of blessings and bounties of Heavens. (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 44, p. 292; …)


It has been narrated that one day Imam Hosain went to Imam Hasan (SBUT) and seeing him he started to cry. Imam Hasan (SBUH) asked the reason for his tears. Imam Hosain (SBUH) said that he was crying for that which was going to happen to his beloved brother.


Imam Hasan (SBUH) told his beloved brother that which was going to happen to him was a poison that deceitfully was going to be given to him causing his death but Imam Hasan (SBUH) asserted that no day would ever be like the Day of his beloved brother abaaAbdellah, when over 30000 people would gather to fight him while claiming to be from the Ummah of their grandfather Mohammad (SAWA) and followers of Islam!!!


Imam Hasan then told Imam Hosain (SBUT) that those people would unite for shedding his blood, disrespecting his honor, capturing his women and children and plundering his belongings; the Imam (SBUH) asserted that the bani-Umayya would then be afflicted with the La’nat (total withholding of Mercy) of Allah, and that the sky would rain blood and ashes, and that every thing would weep for Imam Hosain (SBUH) even the beasts of wilderness and fishes of the seas …


Then the two loving brothers embraced one another and cried … (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 45, p. 218; al-Amaali of Shaikh Sadooq, p. 115; al-Khasaa’es al-Hosainiya, p. 191; …)


And as for Imam Hosain (SBUH) himself … he (SBUH) at ‘Aashoora- in addition to delivering many sermons in front of the enemy troops trying to guide them and soften their hardened hearts, and to save them from getting their hands involved in killing the son of the Prophet of Allah (SBUT), and to save them from eternal abomination, and in addition to courageous fightings …- cried so many times in the land of Karbala in different situations …


Imam Hosain (SBUH) wept next to the heavily damaged body of his young ‘Ali Akbar (SBUH) and prayed that Allah would kill the people who killed him … Imam Hosain (SBUH) wept next to the mutilated body of AbalFazl ‘Abbaas (SBUH) and announced that his back broke … Imam Hosain (SBUH) wept when in order to get the dead and bloody body of Qaasem son of Hasan (SBUT), he had to fight vigorously with his killers only to find the body of Qaasem crushed under hoofs of horses, and he (SBUH) said that it was very hard for his uncle to hear his cry for help and not be able to answer or to answer when it was late … then Imam Hosain (SBUH) addressing the body of Qaasem (SBUH) swore by Allah and said that on that day the enemies of his uncle were numerous and his friends only a few … Imam Hosain (SBUH) wept when the three-headed arrow tore the tiny neck of his 6 month old ‘Ali Asghar in his arms, and he (SBUH) threw the baby’s blood in his hands toward the sky and implored Allah to adjudge between them and the people who invited them to help them but killed them instead … Imam Hosain (SBUH) wept when bidding farewell to Sokainah his beloved daughter, when she kissed the feet of her father, the Imam held her in his arms and wept … when another daughter asked her father to take them back to the city of their forefather (SAWA), Imam Hosain (SBUH) wept … the Imam (SBUH) wept when bidding farewell to his sister Zaynab (SBUH) … when she kissed his throat … they both wept wholeheartedly …, and …


Imam Hosain (SBUH) stood in front of the enemy and said: "woe unto you!” and asked them why they were fighting him … he asked if he had forsaken any right, if he had changed any Divine tradition, if he had changed any Divine Law … in response they said they were fighting him due to the feeling of resentment and the grudge they were holding against his father ‘Ali (SBUH) who had killed their disbelieving elders in battles of Badr and Honain … the Imam (SBUH) wept and recited a poem while looking at the martyrs who had been killed in the cause of Allah …


Then the Imam (SBUH) called: O Moslem ibn ‘Aqil! … O Haani ibn ‘Orwah! … O Habib ibn Mazaaher! … (Ma’aali al-Sebtain, vol. 2, p. 19; …)


In the eve of ‘Aashoora Hadrat Zaynab (SBUH) went to the tent of her beloved brother Imam Hosain (SBUH) … the Imam (SBUH) had his head on his knees and had fallen asleep for a few moments … The Imam (SBUH) suddenly heard the voice of his sister asking about the sounds of the enemy troops getting closer … the Imam (SBUH) said that he had just seen the Prophet (SAWA) in a dream telling him that he was going to him … Hadrat Zaynab hit her face and started to weep loudly … (sunni documents: al-Badaayeeh wa al-Nahaayah, vol. 8, p. 178; sunni Tarikh Tabari, vol. 5, p. 416; …; Shi’ah documents: Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 44, p. 391; Ershaad Mofid, vol. 2, pp. 89-90; …)


On the Day of ‘Aushura the ladies of bani-Haashem and the other ladies, when seeing Dhol-Janaah the horse of Imam Hosain (SBUH) with overturned saddle and bloody forehead and mane, coming from the battlefield, came out of their tents and while hitting their heads and faces and weeping loudly, rushed toward the place the Imam (SBUH) had fallen … (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 101, p. 322; …)


Hadrat Roqayyah (SBUH), after her father (SBUH), wept day and night and inquired after and longed for her father … until finally when she held his head in her arms, she wept so much that she passed away …


It is vital to keep in mind that this Holy Family’s pleasedness and wrath is Allah’s Pleasedness and Wrath … (Shi’ah documents: al-Ehtejaaj, vol. 2, p. 354; Ershaad al-Qoloob, vol. 2, p. 232; Kaamel al-Ziyaaraat, p. 213; Tafsir Qommi in regard to Qur’an 33:57; …; sunni documents: al-Mostadrak ‘ala al-Sahihain, vol. 3, p. 167, h. 4730; Kanz al-‘Ommaal, vol. 12, p. 111, h. 34238; Dhakhaayer al-‘Oqba, pp. 82, 83; …)


Thus their weeping has never been a sign of unpleasedness … rather it has been a sign of the gravity of their oppressedness … the gravity of oppression being imposed on them … the gravity of sufferings endured in the cause of Allah … the extreme cruelty of oppressors and enemies of Allah … and …


Imam Hosain (SBUH) in the last moments of his life on earth while his blessed body was soaking in his blood, placed his forehead on the ground and with a mouth dried from extreme thirst talked to his Lord whispering that he (SBUH) was pleased with Allah’s Pleasedness and patient before Allah’s Decree …


Imam Sajjaad (SBUH) for the rest of his life after Imam Hosain (SBUH), wept for the sufferings of Karbala … Imam Baaqer (SBUH) hosted mourning sessions on ‘Aashoora and wept … Imam Saadeq (SBUH) when seeing any of Imam Hosain’s (SBUH) children wept … when drinking water he always said Salaam to Imam Hosain (SBUH) and La’ned his killers … from beginning of Moharram to ‘Aashoora no one ever saw Imam Moosa Kaazem (SBUH) smile, and he wept so much on the days of ‘Aashoora … Imam Reza (SBUH) said that weeping for the sufferings of ‘Aashoora injured their eyelids … Imam Jawaad (SBUH) … Imam Haadi (SBUH) … Imam Askari (SBUH) … (Nafas al-Mahmoom, p. 44; Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 44, p. 284; Amaali of Sadooq, p. 78; …)


In the Ziyaarat al-Naahiya it is narrated from Hadrat Mahdi (SBUH) that he addresses his forefather Imam Hosain (SBUH) and tells him that he weeps for him every morning and evening and blood rains from his eyes in place of tears … (Ziyaarat al-Naahiyah al-Moqaddasah, Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 101, p. 320; …)


To be continued …