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‘Ali (SBUH) … the only one ever born inside The House of God … Part 1


‘Ali (SBUH) … the only one ever born inside The House of God …

Part 1


Birth of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH)


The first Imam of the Believers, the immediate Allah-Chosen Caliph (Successor, Vicegerent) of the Last Prophet of Allah (SBUT), his brother, his cousin, his minister, the lord of all Successors, the one and only Amir al-Mo’menin, Hadrat ‘Ali son of AbuTaaleb (SBUT), was born on Friday the 13th of Rajab inside the Bayt of Allah al-Haraam, the honored and exalted Ka’bah, in which no one else was ever born and will never be. (1) (2)


His noble name is ‘Ali (SBUH). The compiler of Bihar al-Anwar has asserted that in the Book of Allah 300 of Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH)’s names and titles are mentioned. (3) His most illustrious epithet is the Amir al-Mo’menin. Ibn Shahr Aashoob has indicated over 850 titles for Hadrat. (4) His most famous Koniya is Abul-Hasan.


Parents of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH)


His honorable father was Sayyed of Batha, Hadrat AbuTaalib son of Hadrat AbdulMuttalib (SBUT). His noble mother was Fatimah daughter of Asad son of Haashem son of AbdManaaf (SBUT). She was a treasure of chastity, modesty and pudency and the first lady of children of Haashem from whom such a star, the Light of Imamat and Wilayat appeared. She (SBUH) was not only the mother of the Amir al-Mo’menin but also, after the demise of AbdulMuttalib when Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) was about 6 or 8 years of age and the Prophet was entrusted to AbuTalib (SBUT), she was as a loving mother for the Prophet (SAWA); she (SBUH) always considered the Prophet above her own children, and she observed the signs of Prophethood in him (SAWA); the Prophet used to address her as mother. (5)


After the demise of Hadrat Khadijah (SBUH) the Prophet (SAWA) entrusted Hadrat Fatimah (SBUH) to her loving and honorable hands and she cherished the Lady of all worlds with all her hart and soul, until she passed away. (6)


Fatimah daughter of Asad passed away on the year 4 A.H. in Medina and was buried in the Baqi’ Cemetery. When Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) gave the news of her demise to the Prophet (SAWA) Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) said that she was his mother and gave his turban and his cloak to be used as her burial shroud. The Prophet (SAWA) himself performed the Burial Prayer on her corpse, and recited 40 Takbirs; he (SAWA) clarified that this was due to the fact that there were 40 lines of angels performing Burial Prayer on her corpse. The Prophet himself, prior to her burial lay in her grave, and then performed the Talqin Ritual [inculcation of beliefs] himself and prayed for her. (7)


Light of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH) in the backs of his fathers  


The birth Hadith of Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH) is an undeniable indication of the firmness of Belief of his mother. (8) The Light which had descended from the ‘Arsh (Divine Throne …) of Allah had been transferred in Anbiya (Prophets) and Awsiya (Successors) (SBUT) successively until It had reached AbdulMuttalib (SBUH); then inside AbdulMuttalib the Light was divided into two halves.

One half of the Heavenly Light appeared on the forehead of Abdullah son of AbdulMuttalib, the Prophet’s father (SBUT) which was transferred to the forehead of Aamenah the Prophet’s mother and then to the Prophet’s forehead (SBUT). The other half of the Heavenly Light was transferred to the forehead of AbuTaalib son of AbdulMuttalib (SBUT).


Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH) had a few children; ‘Aqil, Talib, Ja’far, Faakhteh or Omm Haaniyah, Jomaanah, and ‘Ali the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH). When Allah SWT bestowed Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) upon Hadrat AbuTalib and Hadrat Fatimah daughter of Asad (SBUT), that Heavenly Light shone on the forehead of Fatimah daughter of Asad.


Birth place of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH)


The birth place of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH) is the most honorable of all Boqaa’ i.e. Harams (shrines …); the most honorable place of a Haram is the Masjid; the most honorable Boq’a is thus the Masjid of Ka’bah. No one else was ever born there; additionally on the most honored day of the week i.e. Friday, on the Haraam month of Rajab, in the Bayt al-Haraam. (9)


Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH) did not open his eyes for three days until he (SBUH) was brought to Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA), then he (SBUH) opened his blessed eyes. Hadrat (SAWA) then said that he (SBUH) specifically chose him for his glance and he (SAWA) specifically chose him (SBUH) for his Knowledge. (10) Then Hadrat (SAWA) held him in his loving arms and took him to the house of AbuTalib (SBUH). (11)


Foretelling of the birth of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH)


Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah Ansari has narrated that there was a monk who had worshipped for over a hundred years while he had never asked any thing from God. One day he requested to meet one of Allah’s Awliya; he then met Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH). When he realized who Hadrat AbuTalib was, he gave him the glad tidings of the birth of a son whose name would be ‘Ali and that he would be the Wali of Allah. The monk then requested Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH) to deliver his Salaam to Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) after he would be born in this world and to tell him that the monk had confessed to the Oneness of Allah and had bore witness to the Wilayat of him the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH).


When Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH) was leaving that monk he (SBUH) ate some heavenly date, grape and pomegranate. Fatimah daughter of Asad also took some of the heavenly date that the Prophet (SAWA) had given her and they both ate of it. The Prophet (SAWA) had told her that the date would be eaten by them who believed in the Oneness of Allah and Prophethood of Mohammad (SAWA). After they both ate of the heavenly food Fatimah daughter of Asad conceived the lord of the Monotheists, Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) and her beauty and brightness increased.


Conception of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH) (12)


When Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) was conceived inside Hadrat Fatimah daughter of Asad (SBUT), an earthquake occurred in Mecca. So the Qoraish transferred their idols to the AbuQobays Mountain, but the earthquake became more severe and the idols fell on their faces. The Qoraish then went after AbuTalib; Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH) went on the mountain top and addressed people. He (SBUH) told them that in that night a very important thing had happened. He said that God had created someone to whom if they did not submit, and to his Wilayat if they did not confess, and to his Imamat if they did not bear witness, the earthquake would not stop. So he (SBUH) asked them to confess to his obedience, Wilayat and Imamat. Then as he (SBUH) was shedding tears raised his blessed hands and prayed and implored the Lord by the Praiseworthy Mohammadiyat, the Exalted ‘Alawiyat and by the Brilliant Fatimiyat to, through His Grace, bestow upon the land of Tahaamah, and the people said Aameen. As soon as the prayer was finished the quake stopped. It is noteworthy to mention that while Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH) was quite aware of the value of such prayers but the preIslamic Arabs who had gone astray, mostly ignorantly, used to recite this prayer whenever there was a problem.


Examples of other pre-birth events are as follows:


Ja’far son of AbiTalib (SBUT) heard the voice of Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) while he (SBUH) was inside their Mother, and Ja’far passed out …


When the Monotheist Fatimah daughter of Asad (SBUH) used to circumambulate around Ka’bah, knowing the value of the House of God and disregarding the idols placed there by polytheists, Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH), from inside her, used to press his feet against her stomach whenever the idols were near …


In another instance the idols fell on their faces before Fatimah daughter Asad while carrying Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) inside her …


A wild lion in Taa’ef bowed to Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH); when he asked the reason the lion replied that he was the helper of the Prophet of Allah Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) and the father of Asadollah Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUH) …


Mother of Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUT) inside the Ka’bah


Friday eve the lady of AbuTalib felt pain but by reciting a special Name she was relieved. When Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH) wanted to call ladies of Qoraish to assist his wife a voice told him to wait for defiled and impure hands must not touch the Wali of Allah …


That morning lady Fatimah daughter of Asad heard a voice telling her to go to the House … Hadrat Mohammad and Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUT) took her to the Masjid al-Haraam …


‘Abbaas son of ‘AbdulMuttalib, who with a group of people were sitting in the Masjid, saw Fatimah daughter of Asad entered the Masjid al-Haraam, stood in front of Ka’bah and looked toward the sky and said:


O my Lord! I believe in You and the Prophets and the Books from You, I acknowledge the words of my forefather Ibrahim the Khalil, he who built this House. I implore You in the Rightfulness of he who has built this House, and the Rightfulness of the child I have within me- who talks to me and with his words comforts me, and I am certain that he is one of Your Signs- to make this birth easy on me. (13)


All of a sudden those present in the Masjid al-Haraam saw the wall of Ka’bah on the opposite side of the door of Ka’bah split open, she (SBUH) entered and the wall closed. They tried to open the lock of the door of Ka’bah but they were not able; the believers among them realized then that it was the Will of God. (14)


Fatimah daughter of Asad (SBUH) has said that after she entered the Ka’bah she saw heavenly ladies such as Mother of Moosa and mother of ‘Eesa (SBUT) who entered unto her and said Salaam to her and sat in front of her. That which those ladies (SBUT) had done for the birth of Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) they also did for the birth of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH), for Fatimah daughter of Asad was present at the birth of Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) and had informed Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH) of the event. Then Hadrat AbuTalib (SBUH) had told her to wait thirty years until Allah would give her a child like Hadrat Mohammad (SAWA) except in Prophethood which he would be his Wazir (Minister) and his Wasi (Successor). (15)


Day of birth of the Amir al-Mo’menin (SBUH)


On Friday ‘Ali son of AbiTalib (SBUT) like a sun appeared on a red stone on the right side of the Ka’bah. As he (SBUH) was born he fell on prostration and then raised his hands and bore witness that there was no god but Allah, Mohammad was the Rasool of Allah and he ‘Ali was the Wasi of the Rasool of Allah; he affirmed that by Mohammad Prophethood had come to end and by him Successorship was completed and that he was the Amir al-Mo’menin. (16) Then he recited the Verse that the Truth had come and the falsehood had vanished (17:81). The skies were brightened, the idols inside Ka’bah fell on their faces and Eblis the Shaitan shouted that woe would be unto idols and idolists from this child!


To be continued …





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