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Dajjaal … Antichrist Part 11


Dajjaal … Antichrist

Part 11


Let us look at a brief summary of what has been happening under the temptations of Shaitan and his evil jinns:


From the beginning of creation, Allah the Creator and Lord of all ever have been, Willed and established His Divine Tradition and set the Wilayat of His most special creations … the most special children of Adam (SBUH), i.e. Mohammad and AhlulBayt (SBUT)- whom all Prophets (SBUT) introduced, gave Glad Tidings to, sought allegiance for, performed miracles in their Names, and …- as the Only Key to Salvation ...


The arrogant Shaitan- jealous of Hadrat Mohammad and AhlulBayt (SBUT)- decided to rise against the Will of Allah … Shaitan thus established his own tradition ... so he became the number one enemy of Mohammad and AhlulBayt (SBUT) … Shaitan and his devils have thus been trying to convince, one way or another, children of Adam not to accept the Wilayat of Mohammad and AhlulBayt (SBUT); to accomplish this goal, Shaitan and his devils have also been introducing false paths to so called salvation which are really paths to perdition …, and … hoping to take as many humans as possible to Hell with them …


Shaitan and his devils have been teaching their followers to usurp the Allah bestowed Successorship positions of the Successors of Prophets (SBUT) … Shaitan and his devils have been teaching their followers to distort the teachings of Prophets and Successors so that the Glad Tidings to Prophets and ultimately to Mohammad and AhlulBayt (SBUT) may be forgotten and their Wilayat forsaken … Shaitan and his devils have been teaching their followers to substitute the Prophets’ and Successors’ Monotheistic teachings with polytheistic, philosophic, mystic, Gnostic and … so called logics, imaginations, mysteries and … to deviate humankind from the Straight Path of Allah toward Salvation …


Shaitan and his devils have been using and teaching magic and sorcery …; and musical instruments, chess boards and … have been some of the means and tools used for this purpose …


Shaitan and his devils have been arousing humans to choose enjoyment as a major goal of their lives … they have been arousing humans to commit all forms of Haraam (forbidden) acts to destroy the zealous feeling of men regarding their wives (al-Ghayrat غیرت, a blessed protective shield against Haraam …), to grow hypocrisy, enmity and …, to turn away angels, to encourage adult ery, and … There have been devils arousing humans to create and play all sorts of music and musical instruments … there have been devils arousing humans to sing … there have been devils arousing humans to dance … there have been devils arousing humans to drink wine and … there have been devils arousing humans to play chess and backgammon … there have been devils arousing humans to gamble … Shaitan and his devils have been arousing humans to engage in forbidden and unpermitted forms of se xual activities …, and ... (from: Safinah al-Bihar, vol. 1, p. 99; al-Kaafi, vol. 6; Manhaj al-Yaqin; Man Laa Yahzorohoo al-Faqih, vol. 4, p. 59; …)


Let us look at two sample Hadiths in regard to such Haraam acts: Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) has emphasized that Allah has sent him as mercy to the worlds and He has sent him to eliminate musical instruments and habits of Jaaheliyah (times of ignorance) … (al-Amaali of Sadooq, p. 502; …); He (SAWA) has also said that he has forbidden dancing, playing music, playing chess and backgammon, and … (al-Kaafi, vol. 6, p. 432; …)


It is noteworthy to mention that the first ones who made musical instruments and games were Qaabeel and Eblis together, after the demise of Hadrat Adam (SBUH), rejoicing at his death … (Manhaj al-Yaqin; …)


There have been devils who cause physical and emotional sicknesses … there have been devils who seemingly heal the imposed diseases … there have been devils who fulfill human needs … thus taking people away from God and Religion of God …


And so on …


… As mentioned before, Prophets before Hadrat ‘Eesa- Jesus- (SBUH) had given the Glad Tidings regarding a future Prophet, one of whose signs was to come on a donkey … Shaitan, on the one hand, taught his followers among the so called jews to both conceal and change details of this prophecy, and on the other hand taught them to deny this promised ‘Messiah’, or as it is translated to Greek, ‘Christ’ …


When Jesus (SBUH) came riding on a donkey, the so called jews were indeed awaiting the coming of their Messiah (Jesus Christ), and also the coming of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT); let us remember the statements 19 to 25 of chapter 1 of what is called as the gospel of John, in which it is stated that the jews sent priests from Jerusalem to Prophet Yahya- John- (SBUH) asking him three distinct questions: 1) Whether he was the Christ (Jesus SBUH), 2) Whether He was “that Prophet” (Mohammad SAWA), 3) whether he was Elias (Hadrat ‘Ali SBUH)? (Please refer to the E-book “Names and characteristics of Mohammad and ‘Ali, … and Mahdi (SBUT) in Jewish, Christian and Islamic documents” in this site:


As a sample let us look at one verse of Qur’an and a clarifying Hadith from Tafsir Jaame’ and ..., confirming that indeed the jews knowingly denied Prophet ‘Eesa (SBUH), and also the Prophet Mohammad and Hadrat ‘Ali (SBUT), whom they knew very well and had anticipated:


Qur’an 2:90 Evil is that for which they (the jews) have sold their souls-- that they should deny what Allah has revealed, out of envy that Allah should send down of His Grace on whomsoever of His servants He pleases. Thus they have made themselves deserving of WRATH upon WRATH, and there is a disgraceful punishment for the unbelievers.


Imam Hasan Askari (SBUH) has said that Allah in this verse has rebuked the Yahud (jews) who denied Mohammad (SAWA) and became unbelievers and preferred unbelieving to believing in order to protect their wealth and authoritative positions so that they might forsake the laws of Islam and attain forbiddances and thus go astray and use their wealth vainly according to their desires.


The Imam (SBUH) has continued that Allah SWT has said that the jews disbelieved and denied what Allah had revealed in regard to the Prophethood of Mohammad (SAWA) and Imamat of ‘Ali (SBUH); and that their unbelieving was out of envy for the Qur’an which Allah had sent to Mohammad (SAWA) and for the Signs and miracles manifested at his hand; with their  disbelief they turned away from Allah and became deserving of Wrath upon Wrath; the first Wrath was due to unbelieving and denying the Prophethood of ‘Eesa (Jesus SBUH); and the second Wrath, unbelieving and denying Mohammad (SAWA), and the sword of Mohammad (SAWA) prevailed over them so that they might either accept Islam or disgracefully pay Jazia.


Anyhow …  the jews, misguided by Shaitan, have been denying the coming of their Messiah, and Prophet Mohammad and Imams and ultimately the last Imam who shall be the Savior of humankind …, and the jews, following the Shaitanic Kabbala and … have been believing that every one is an image, a manifestation of god … Thus, based on these Shaitan-led distortions, the jews are still awaiting their messiah to come riding on a donkey as the so called savior of humankind …


In other words Shaitan- with all the lies and distortions- has been paving the way for the coming of The Dajjaal … who according to Islamic documents shall come riding on a donkey …


Similarly Shaitan on the one hand, has misled christians to deny the Prophethood of Mohammad, Imamat of ‘Ali and the other Imams (SBUT), and ultimately the Appearance of Imam Mahdi (SBUH), the Savior of humankind; and on the other hand Shaitan has taught christians to believe that jesus is god … thus, based on such Shaitan-led distortions, the christians are waiting the return of their donkey-riding jesus as god, to be the savior of humankind …


In other words, again Shaitan-with all the lies and distortions-  has been paving the way for the coming of The Dajjaal … who according to Islamic documents will claim to be god …


Let us pay attention Shaitan himself has plotted these distortions, then based on his designed distortions, Shaitan has been training The Dajjaal to fit his distortions … and let us never forget that the goal of Shaitan, out of arrogance and jealousy, has been to mislead and therefore take more and more of the children of Adam (SBUH) to Hell with him …


The Prophets (SBUT) had always warned about many liars and impostors; whether all those liars and impostors can be called dajjaals, Allah Knows best … but Prophets (SBUT) had also warned that a certain impostor would come at the end days … still some warnings regarding this deceiver and liar of the final days exist in jewish and christian documents and also in what is called the bible, although distorted in many ways …


As a jewish sample: In  the 7th century CE Sefer Zerubbabel and 11th century CE Midrash Vayosha (Midrash wa-Yosha) there are warnings regarding an anti-messiah figure named Armilus who is said to be the offspring of Satan and a human virgin; it is said that his inevitable destruction by a Messiah ben Joseph, symbolizes the ultimate victory of good over evil in the Messianic Age. (From: Jewish Encyclopedia: Armilus:)


And a christian example: Ironically, the jewish Paul- the usurper- who was part of Shaitan’s plan and has been actually responsible for destruction of the Pure teachings of the Prophet Jesus (SBUH) … responsible for the innovation of disregarding the law, he who said himself that all things were lawful unto him (1 Cor.6:12), and said that people were dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world so why as though living in the world, should they be subject to ordinances (Col. 2:20) … and for the innovation of divinity of jesus … as god riding on a donkey … (Phil 2:6, ...), and …, has talked about the so called Antichrist to be “the lawless one,”  “the man of lawlessness,”, “the man doomed to destruction” and “proclaiming himself to be God” (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12)!!!


It is important to pay attention that while introduction of false prophets, false successors, false saviors and ultimately false mahdies has been a part of Shaitan’s tradition and plot, so has been the introduction of false so called antichrists and dajjaals, undoubtedly to conceal the identity of The Dajjaal of Last Days … throughout the ages indeed there have been many many liars and deceivers, all of whom have actually been students of Shaitan; these liars and deceivers have also been calling each other as antichrists and dajjaals … from popes to politicians and …


For example, after the Middle Ages- when protestant christians, following the protestant so called reformation, for the first time had gained access to bible, which they then attempted to interpret for themselves- widespread protestant identification of the papacy as the Antichrist started and in the USA persisted until the early 1900s when the Scofield Reference Bible was published by Cyrus Scofield. This commentary promoted Futurism. Some US Futurists hold that sometime prior to the expected return of Jesus, there will be a period of "Great Tribulation" (Matthew 24:21 KJV) during which it is said that the Antichrist, indwelt and controlled by Satan, will attempt to win supporters with false peace, supernatural signs; it is said that he will silence all that defy him.


It is noteworthy to mention that in scofield’s theological system, influenced by the teachings of the likes of John Nelson Darby, a 19th century Anglican priest, it is propounded that God has only two groups of people who are important to Him; Israel, being God’s kingdom here on earth; and christians, His spiritual kingdom. This Shaitan-inspired so called theological system which led to establishment of Israel, despite their traditional enmity, has been one of the major roots of the outward and pretended unification of extremist jews known as zionists and some christians, producing that which has been known as christian zionism, to combat Islam … let us never forget that Shaitan’s target is Allah’s “Straight Path”:


Qur’an 7:16 … I [Shaitan] will certainly lie in wait for them in Thy Straight Path.


Thus Imam Mahdi (SBUH), the last Lord and Guardian of Straight Path of Allah, is Shaitan’s ultimate target …


 Therefore, in another barren attempt Shaitan, in last few decades, has taught his ignorant followers to call Hadrat Mahdi (SBUH)- he whom Jesus Christ will accompany and assist- as the antichrist!!! Again, undoubtedly to conceal the identity of The Dajjaal of Last Days, to pave the way for the final destruction … (Please also refer to part 13 of Names of Mohammad and ‘Ali (SBUT) in the Bible, as also a chapter of the E-book: Names and characteristics of Mohammad, ‘Ali, … and Mahdi (SBUT) in Jewish, Christian and Islamic documents.)


It is essential to pay attention that while some followers of the bible, ignoring their own bible prophecies regarding the so called Antichrist, recently have rushed to declare Hadrat Mahdi (SBUH) as the antichrist, but their own scholars throughout the ages have said that the Antichrist will be a jew based on their own bible:


For instance, bible scholars, such as Arthur W. Pink- one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century-, have presented many biblical reasons to claim that according to the bible the Antichrist will be a jew; some of those reasons are:


“The Antichrist will be a Jew, though his connections, his governmental position, his sphere of dominion, will by no means confine him to the Israelitish people.”


“In Ezek.21:25-27 we read: "and thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when iniquity shall have an end, Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: and it shall be no more until he comes whose right it is, and I will give it him." The dispensational place and scope of this passage, is not hard to determine. The time-mark is given in v.25: it is "when iniquity shall have an end." It is the End-Time which is in view, then, the End of the Age, when "the transgressors are come to the full" (Dan.8:23 and cf.11:36 -- "Till the indignation be accomplished"). At that time Israel shall have a Prince, a Prince who is crowned (v.26), and a Prince whose day is said to be come when "iniquity shall have an end." Now, as to who this Prince is, there is surely no room for doubt. The only Prince whom Israel will have in that day, is the Son of Perdition, here termed their Prince because he will be masquerading as Messiah the Prince (see Dan.9:25)! Another unmistakable mark of identification is here given, in that he is expressly denominated "thou, profane wicked Prince" -- assuredly, it is the Man of Sin who is here in view, that impious one who shall "oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God." But what should be noted particularly, is, that this profane and wicked character is here named "Prince of Israel." He must, therefore, be of the Abrahamic stock, a Jew!”


“In Dan.11:36, 37 we are told, "And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers." This passage, it is evident, refers to and describes none other than the coming Antichrist. But what we wish to call special attention to is the last sentence quoted -- "The God of his fathers." What are we to understand by this expression? Why, surely, that he is a Jew, an Israelite, and that his fathers after the flesh were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob -- for such is the invariable meaning of "the fathers" throughout the Old Testament Scriptures.”


“Prophecy states the Antichrist will make a covenant with Israel that will guarantee the nation’s security (Daniel 9:27 and Isaiah 28:14-22).”


“In Matt.12:43-45 … "The Unclean Spirit" here is none other than the Son of Perdition, and that the "house" from which he goes out and into which he returns, is the Nation of Israel. … we have another proof that he will be a Jew, for this "house," which is Israel, is here termed by Antichrist "my house." Just as Solomon was of "the House of David," so Antichrist shall be of the House of Israel.”


“In John 5:43 we have a further word which helps us to fix the nationality of this coming One. In speaking of the false messiah, the Lord Jesus referred to him as follows, "Another shall come in his own name." In the Greek there are four different words all translated "Another" in our English versions. One of them is employed but once, and a second but five times, so these need not detain us now. The remaining two are used frequently, and with a clear distinction between them. The first "allos" signifies "another" of the same kind or genus -- see Matt.10:23; 13:24; 26:71, etc. The second, "heteros," means "another" of a totally different kind, -- see Mark 16:12; Luke 14:31; Acts 7:18; Rom.7:23. Now the striking thing is that the word used by our Lord in John 5:43 is "allos," another of the same genus, not "heteros," another of a different order. Christ, the Son of Abraham, the Son of David, had presented Himself to Israel, and they rejected Him; but "another" of the same Abrahamic stock should come to them, and him they would "receive." If the coming Antichrist were to be a Gentile, the Lord would have employed the word "heteros;" the fact that He used "allos" shows that he will be a Jew.”


“The very name "Antichrist" argues strongly his Jewish nationality. This title "Antichrist" has a double significance. It means that he will be one who shall be "opposed" to Christ, one who will be His enemy. But it also purports that he will be a mock Christ, an imitation Christ, a pro-Christ, a pseudo Christ. It intimates that he will ape Christ. He will pose as the real Messiah of Israel. In such case he must be a Jew.”


“This mock Christ will be "received" by Israel. The Jews will be deceived by Him. They will believe that he is indeed their long-expected Messiah. They will accept him as such. … if this pseudo Christ succeeds in palming himself off on the Jews as their true Messiah he must be a Jew, for it is unthinkable that they would be deceived by any Gentile.”


Dr. David R. Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries in a paper presented in a conference held in Dallas, Texas in 2010, has stated the following in regard to the idea of a muslim antichrist:


“I think what we have here is a perfect illustration of a desperate attempt to manipulate both Bible prophecy and Islamic prophecy to conform to a pre-conceived end time scenario.”


“Second, I think the current rush to identify the Antichrist as a Muslim is a classic example of newspaper exegesis — of reading the news headlines into the Bible rather than letting the Bible speak for itself.”


It is noteworthy to mention that many christians such as the renowned American Rev. Billy Graham, the Southern Baptist evangelist have expressed disdain for what they see as Jewish domination of the media. “This stranglehold has got to be broken or this country’s going down the drain,” said Graham. (From the Associated Press)


It is no secret that the western media have been insisting that Islam is the most anti-christian religion and that judaism is a christian-friendly faith; declaring Imam Mahdi (SBUH) as the antichrist stems  from this very same Shaitanic trend … but let us see if, in reality, judaism is really a christian-friendly faith!!!


In Judaism, the Talmud is the supreme scripture. The American Heritage Dictionary describes the Talmud as “constituting the basis of religious authority for traditional Judaism.”


“Thus the ultimate authority for Orthodoxy is the Babylonian Talmud. The Bible itself ranks second to it in reality, if not in theory.” (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, “Authority” pg. 637)


The Jewish Encyclopedia, an encyclopedia compiled by the leading rabbinic organizations in the world, says that Balaam is the code name the Talmud uses to denote Jesus Christ. Under the heading “Balaam,” it says, “…the pseudonym ‘Balaam’ given to Jesus in Sanhedrin 106b and Gittin 57a.”


The Talmud claims that Balaam [Jesus] Christ is being punished in hell by “being boiled in hot semen.” (Talmud Sanhedrin, Simon, M. Trans. (1936). 57a Gittin. London. Soncino Press. p.261)


The Talmud claims that Balaam [Jesus] forn icated with his jackass. (Sanhedrin 105a-b)


In addition there are those, such as Soncino translators of Gittin 57a (footnote for "sinners of Israel" says Jesus - sinners of Israel being a censored version in Soncino's Hebrew and English, Yeshu being the actual version), who claim that Yeshu was jesus: Yeshu was in boiling excrement with those that mock the sages.


Sanhedrin 43a. Says Jesus ("Yeshu" and in Soncino footnote #6, Yeshu "the Nazarene") was executed because he practiced sorcery: "It is taught that on the eve of Passover Jesus was hung, and forty days before this the proclamation was made: Jesus is to be stoned to death because he has practiced sorcery and has lured the people to idolatry...He was an enticer and of such thou shalt not pity or condone."


The Talmud claims that She who was the descendant of princes and governors [The Virgin Mary] played the harl ot with a carpenter. (Sanhedrin 106a)


And so on …


And in contrast, as a sample, this is what the Majestic Qur’an says:


Qur’an 4:156 And for their unbelief and for their having uttered against Maryam (Mary) a grievous calumny.

Qur’an 4:157 And their saying: Surely we have killed the Messiah, ‘Isa (Jesus) son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah; and they did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so; and most surely those who differ therein are only in a doubt about it; they have no knowledge respecting it, but only follow a conjecture; and they killed him not for sure.

Qur’an 4:158 Nay! Allah took him up to Himself; and Allah is Mighty, Wise. 

Qur’an 4:159 And there is not one of the followers of the Book but most certainly believes in him before his death, and on the day of resurrection he (Jesus) shall be a witness against them.


Ironically even christian zionist priests such as Falwell say that the new testament prophesies the rise of a jewish Antichrist born in what is today’s Israel. They say that this Antichrist will murder and torture millions of christians all over the world and install a horrific, satanic rule over the world for seven years … many jews of course not only tolerate but also support these subservient preachers because they mislead millions of christians to support anti-christian judaism …


Traditional christianity believes that one of the evil elements which opposed Jesus and orchestrated his supposed crucifixion were the Pharisees, one of the main factors which created what has been known as judaism and its Talmud centuries after Jesus Christ. Bible indicates that Jesus rebuked them:


…Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me. …Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do: he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar and the father of it. …Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou are a Samaritan, and has a devil…(John 8:42-48)


All these have been part of Shaitan’s malevolent tradition and plot to oppose Hadrat Mahdi (SBUH) who is the last part of Divine and Benevolent Tradition, the last hope of humankind … to save humankind …


To be continued