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Imam Ali(PBUH)has said:

When Qaa'em comes out... hatred shall leave hearts... .

(Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, Volume 10)

All humans are born with pure and loving hearts. We can easily observe this purity in children. Children may become upset but they soon forget and love again. As children grow and start to experience inequalities and unfairness in their surroundings, they begin to encounter a feeling called hatred.

At time of Mahdy(PBUH), the grounds for hatred shall be removed. Justice will rule. Equality will be felt throughout the world. Every one shall have what they'll need. Oppression and corruption will be things of the past. In one sentence, the world shall be the way God wishes it to be. God always wanted the world to be that way but human, with his God-bestowed freedom of choice, chose to oppress and corrupt. finally, God shall provide -at the hand of Mahdy- the opportunity for human to experience that if he had chosen to follow and obey God's benevolent chosen-ones, he could have lived a heavenly life here on earth too .Let us start from this moment leave hatred behind and love, from bottom of our hearts, all believers.

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